Scott Nellis
At thirteen I saw a Picasso and Braque Cubist exhibition that gave me a lasting impression. I was excited to know that important works of art could be that much fun.

Soon thereafter I traded a friend my Elvis records for a large oil paint set and created my own version of cubism in my first oil painting.

Making art continues to be my life’s passion.

I have often worked in series including a charcoal on paper series of twenty realistic self-portraits that reflect different states of mind and the process of doubt and self-discovery.

While living in New Mexico for three years I created a series of fire paintings and pastels on black paper inspired by the fleeting but powerful anthropomorphic images created while burning some of my old artworks. The process of burning seemed to release mysterious figurative forms that were trying to communicate something powerful. This series expresses the power of transformation for the artist as well as the work.

The Tangle 1, Tangle 2 and Interlace paintings are examples of the most recent series that involve abstract images cut out of birch plywood and painted with acrylic. The shapes appear intertwined while the color and painted shadows create a three-dimensional illusion of the forms overlapping one another.

These newest pieces are free-form cut from one piece of wood. They are hung away from the wall a couple of inches allowing actual shadows to form on the wall through the negative spaces enhancing the three-dimensional quality.

This work relates to dance and the human form through the rhythm and movement of line, balance of form and harmony of color. As in life the dancing forms are sometimes in unison and sometimes in opposition with one another, creating a dynamic tension.

The viewer is invited to enter the space and feel the movement of the paintings.